Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Type of Art are u?

You're more on the quiet side, but once people get to know they become really good friends with you. You like just about everyone, even if you don't really talk to them. You live in a little bit of a fantasy world and sometimes space off.

True indeed. ;D


I Am South Italy (Romano)

South Italy (Lovino Vargas):
The pasta-and-women-loving, kinda grumpy-looking older Italian brother.
He often charges at the questionably bad Germany who is often between the two siblings, but compared to his appearance, he’s a coward and a useless crybaby who can’t do anything important.

Because of the time when Spain was his leader, he kind of takes after Spain on culture, customs and religion.
Because he’s undermined by the Mafia, he sees the world in a very slanted view.
He’s pretty frivolous in front of girls, but as for guys…
There’s the physiological phenomenon when you pull on his curl and he says “chigigi”.

Chigigi? XDDD

Quiz link > LINK

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Less updates

Less updates from now until December/January 2010.
Less drawing,
less online,
less fun. ;_;

Besides holiday... >_< But i' having fun with my online pet now xD
Introducing, Meori the Cat. xDDDDD

Take care ya~
Ciao guys~ :3

Thursday, December 25, 2008


A five minute quick sketch for Christmas with Meori <3~>

Friday, December 12, 2008

Orenji ~

Lulz~ CNY coming soon. XD
Less than 1 hour at SAI.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's like the work keep coming and coming and coming and

coming and coming and coming and so on.


Gonna finish my
- ArtTrade x3
- Gift art xI lost count
- Commission x2
- Personal works xI'm lost in countings too...

the other news is..


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My first experience being a teacher

for 3 days.

The First Day
Oooou so damn nervous for the first time teaching a class with 30+ people even when they are age 4 to 6....O_O
I can't even open my mouth >_< flowers ="D" style="font-weight: bold;" size="4">The Second Day
I'm so loving this day, I'm getting better now with kids age 7-9...xD
A little nervous but i still can handle them.

Still 30+ people.

I teach them to make this called pencil holder? O_O Whatever it is...

In the end...Their final creation...Lolz laugh as u like, kids are like that, we can't teach them too seriously.

The Last Day
Oh *ell this is the worst day ever...I don't know how many times i've been shouting out loud otl...Today is from age 10 to 12...but im having fun shouting back again just like the old days at school marching commands xDDDD lolz -shots-
The kids keeeeep coming asking and asking how to do this and that what should i do now when i call them to go back to their place and the more people keep coming to me DDx
even the fellow teachers also more than 40+ people zomg.
I teach them using a milk bottle make become a pencil holder...again.Something like just decorate it la...bah...I'm exhausted ...from 11am until 6 only go back home...We(with fellow teachers) take few hours to make a cherry blossom tree(?)using wax and tissue and natures twig...arg...

Being a teacher is nice but when become one u might will get a mad cow disease... lawlz

I'm missing the kids there right now...i wont be seeing them until next year or another year..i think...T^T

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightmare day 1 lolz

I never teach a class of kids with more than 30 people zomg -faint(not really xD)-
I reach the location that is a temple at KL, they were holding a...something like camping... o_o
I reach there around 1pm+. When i enter the class room...ahaha~In my head i was thinking "ohshitohshit what should i do what should i do, omg so many people ,gasp, gau meng ar sei la sei la ngor mou la~Dx"....rofl xDDD need translation?All is in cantonese. OvO

Gau meng ar = Help meh!
Sei la = Im dead. >v<
Ngor mou la = I'm done for it.

lawl~ I have help from the people there and ohmai OwO First time so people call me teacher nyahahah xDDDD
lolz thought i'm not really interested in teaching(coz i failed at social communication) But it was fun teaching kids age 4 to 6?I love screaming Ahahaha...not in that kind of screaming i mean shouting to do this and a kind way duh xDDDD

I teach them drawing local fruits lol i see a out of shape durian xD kids is like that x3
After that i teach them make flower using tissue.

Thats all for now, ciao~

Oh shit loz...2 days left.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm going mad...again.

Dear JPJ,

I would like to F%$(%*x# for your service offline again.Thank you for your cooperate.

Yours sincere,
Your mad student.

JPJ=Jabatan pengangkutan Jalan M'sia

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hiatus D;

I will be hiatus for a week more.

And damn u Power Centre! Stop making blackouts! It's been twice a time today already!
And my cg work almost be gone by u!! >;O (But lucky I've saved it, otherwise i'll be in deep trouble. >_<;)

Blackouts is dangerous. damyuuu!

That's all for now. Tata~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A happy day or not?

Though I'm happy that my B'day is coming in 8 more minutes. I always wonder who will wish me first. At 12.03am, I receive my first B'day wish thru sms xD. And I cant believe it!That was my long lost-in contact friend for two years until now! QvQ (Previously we always swapping letters lol,she live in Melaka.Miss her so much >_<) What a nice fate for us to contact each other again. When the sun is rising, Woke up at 7am. Ready to take Undang test at Subang. At 8.30am wait in the office with other people.And guess what, the internet connection is OFFLINE!WTH $&$#^*$....We've been waiting for er...from 8.30am until 1pm...what the fuck So damn hungry and need to stretch my back bone for sitting too long lol. sigh, so the test pospone to next saturday...curses...>_<
Nothing much to say is just like any other days i go through.
But thank u so much for the gifts and wishes to my dear friends.I really appreciated it. <=')
And thank u mom and dad for the delicious cake u baked and for celebrating with me.Thank u.

Back to work.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Undang2 Course

Otl, i cant sleep properly last night...from 11pm lying on the bed until 1am only fell asleep...Dx

Wake up at 7.30am ready for my tutor to fetch me to a place for undang course.(I have no idea where is that place.)
After registration and other stuff, i went into a room which is like a long house lolz xDD
At 8.30am sitting there until 9.30am only the tutor come in...wth, i almost fell asleep in there and 38 people is in the class room.Until 11.25am, finally i can get outside to take some fresh air and go back in again and continue to listen to the second tutor's speech. aduuuui...The course finish around 2.30pm for 6 hours...Ack! Dx

Next i'll have to go take the test another week...if i failed, RM40 will fly away~~

If i pass, i can't wait to learn driving...sounds really fun. xD
I will be gone for about a week from today.Why? Read my previous journal plans to do.
I'm busy, and my damn classmate keep smsing me nonsense and i keep lying to him that i'm not free to sms...u never want to know the reason...

And Dae! If you are reading this pls do not go to AGC2 website, got virus.